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Best Egyptian and mediterranean Restaurant in Garden City, Michigan

Discover the Magic of Egyptian Cuisine

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Authenitc & Unique in Garden City, Michigan



About Us

A Taste of Home: Bringing Egyptian Flavors to Michigan

We believe in the power of food to connect people, and we wanted to offer a taste of Egypt that transported our customers beyond the plate.

That's why the dream of "Egyptian Kitchen" was born. Our menu features authentic Egyptian dishes passed down through generations, prepared like home-cooked with fresh, high-quality ingredients and cooked with the same love and attention we give our own families.

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First Time? You Must Try!

Best Koshari in Garden City, Michigan



The national Egyptian dish from the heart of Cairo to your plate.

Best Pizza in Garden City, Michigan

Feteer Chicken Shawerma


The Egyptian pizza. Flaky layers loaded inside and outside with 6 fillings.

Best Hawawshi meat Pie in Garden City, Michigan



The iconic meat pie from Alexandria city. Symphony of flavors and textures.

Best pasta in Garden City, Michigan

Macaroni Bechamel


Hearty & comfort dish made with pasta, seasoned meat & bechamel sauce.

Best falafel in Garden City, Michigan

Falafel Wrap


Egyptian falafel is made with fava beans. Great source of protein & fiber.

Best dessert in Garden City, Michigan

Umm Ali


Traditional Egyptian dessert where pastry, milk, nuts & coconut meet.

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